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RTK #3

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 11:29

Anchored: Spread-Eagle

Bondage prisoner jail chains shackled

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 05:29

Steel Stocks

Bondage gagged prisoner jail shackled

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 25:33

RopeTrainKeep #2

Another fun clip with RTK. This time in a bit more challenging predicament. :)

Bondage Leather gagged rope

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 12:06


In this snippet the warden of the jail punishes me by locking my head into a steal helmet and connecting it to my wrists via a hard-pint in the ceiling. This was an incredibly challenging position, especially with the heavy shackles around my ankles as well. I enjoy suffering for guys, and I hope you enjoy watching it. :)

Bondage prisoner jail chains shackled

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 16:36

RopeTraingKeep #1

Heres some fun footage from my time spent with RopeTrainKeep up in Portland awhile back. This was an absolutely wonderful weekend, as you can probably tell.

Bondage Leather gagged rope

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 04:00

Captured and Abandoned in the Basement

One of many small clips from a large video I shot or a few years back. Arguably one of the hottest bondage experiences i've ever had. There's just something so sexy about being anchored to the floor.

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 08:01


Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 05:49

Hogtied in Steel

Another short excerpt from my time with Boy do I love being hogtied, especially with heavy duty steel!

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 08:01

Cell-Wall Lock-Down

Small excerpt from a video shoot I did for Mark Bind's website last year ( This video is one of many from my time at Franklin County Jail (which he owns and operates), though I chopped them up into separate chunks in order to focus on the meat and potatoes. I know bondage is what you came here for, so I hope these deliver. Enjoy!

Bondage jail muzzle chains

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 08:05

Self-Bondage Ice Locks

In this video I demonstrate the use of the self bondage ice locks you've likely seen advertised and sold at many fetish stores. From the prep, setup, and the implication, you see it all. Once they're locked i'm stuck, until they decide to let me free. Generally, melting takes around 3 hours for these, though i used an insulator in order to make them last longer. :)

self-bondage shackled

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 10:15

Self-Bondage Nightmare/ Fantasy

In this video I got the chance to act out a version of one of my favorite bondage fantasies in a real jail setting. I've always had a thing for being found/ stumbled upon while in self bondage, especially when the stakes are high. In this case, a life sentence in prison, one that I inadvertently gave myself. Enjoy!

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 09:12

Serious Bondage Chair-Elise's Place

In this quick video I was fortunate enough to have 2 dreams come true. I met my idol and now friend, Elise Graves and got to be strapped into the greatest bondage chair in existence (at least in my opinion, though i'm sure many would agree. Made by Mark, owner of the Serious Bondage sites). There was no plan to this video, just a snippet of a group of bondage freaks having some fun. Thanks for watching!

Bondage Leather hooded

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 14:06

German Bondage Chair

Testing out Mark's new bondage chair from Germany. Though i'm partial to his original heavy bondage chair, this one is certainly a contender. So much love for the plethora of straps, especially the hood/ head/ muzzle connector. :)

Bondage Leather muzzle

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:21

Damsel in Distress

Dressed up in my favorite outfit: tights, panties, skirt, heels, blouse, hood and collar. As well as a silk scarf, of course. Y’all know me by now. :))

Bondage Leather hooded handcuffed bandanas feminized

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 07:49

Bandana Self Gagging

It's probably quite clear by now that I have a fairly strong bandana fetish, haha. In this clip I gave in to my desires, gagging and blindfolding myself with numerous bandanas, resulting in a very quick cum-shot. What can I say, they have that affect on me. :) Video is in color***

gagged blindfolded bandanas

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 01:38

Torture Puzzle

Testing out the new Steelwerks "Torture Puzzle" with the team during IML weekend. Holy hell is this thing painful. Your cock will betray you by getting hard, then immediately regret it.

Bondage Leather Chastity hooded

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:23

Jimmy's First Cock

Another quick video of a good friend of mine taking my butt virginity. :)

Bondage Femdom Leather Chastity pegging

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 03:23


A fairly low quality video of me inserting a small butt plug. This is how I believe I ought to/ should be at any given time. Chastised, plugged and in panties. Maybe bound and gagged as well though i'm biased. :)

Chastity bandanas panties feminized

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:15

Ultimate Hogtie

Recently I put a good friend of mine through a strict leather hogtie with a new arm-binder from Top to Bottom Leathers in the UK. Seemed to turn out quite well, and she took it like a champ!

Bondage Leather gagged blindfolded

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:44

First Time Pegging

Bondage Femdom Chastity hooded

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:21

Down in the Dungeon

Bondage prisoner jail chains shackled

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 21:47

Elise and her Canes

Elise places me in a rigid fiddle on the bench, forcing my ass in the air and securing my head to the pole by my muzzle. Now immobilized, she does a doozy on my ass with an array of canes, teasing me the entire way of course.

Bondage Leather muzzle

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 12:08

A Shackled Jerk

This is a short custom video I shot on request. It's ironically quite similar to what I do when i'm horny and bored at home, lol. A gag, shackles and some tied up nuts will always get me going like crazy. Hope you enjoy!

Bondage Leather gagged handcuffed self-bondage

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:24

Locked in the Jail's Basement

Gagged, muzzled, handcuffed, shackled and locked to the wall in the basement of Hampton County Jail. A short clip of this wonderful predicament.

gagged handcuffed prisoner jail muzzle

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 31:33

Ultimate Bondage Chair

The wonderful Elise Graves locks my cock in a Steelwerks chastity cage, shoves an electro plug up my ass and straps me into her infamous bondage chair. With nowhere to go, she shocks me continuously while making sure my cock stays pressed against the walls of my cage. Getting herself off with a vibrator as she torments me. Showing some mercy, she releases me from my penis prison and replaces it with a Venus 2000. Knowing it will make me cum in no time, its left running on high as I struggle to no avail. This chair could enslave me for all of eternity quite literally, though i wouldn't be opposed.

Bondage Femdom Leather hooded gagged

Featuring: Elise Graves, JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:23

First Time Pegged

A short clip of an absolutely wonderful first time pegging experience with a very close friend of mine. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Cherry officially popped!

Femdom Leather Chastity pegging

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:35

Shackled and Stuck

An extremely short clip of an insanely fun predicament. Muzzle locked to the overhanging chain, I struggle to find my balance within my bonds. I hope to recreate this again soon!

Bondage gagged handcuffed muzzle rope

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 15:57

Self-Gagging Custom

Per request, my mouth is stuffed full, a ball-gag added over top, head tightly wrapped in duct tape and a plethora of bandanas and silk scarves to top it all off. Now effectively gagged, I stroke until the deed is done. Thank you for the custom request/ purchase!!

gagged bandanas

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 04:59

Inmate Punishment

2 inmates get caught fraternizing, and are made to pay the consequences.

Bondage Femdom gagged handcuffed jail

Featuring: Sasha, JimmyUSMC