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Ravyn Hog-Tied

A cute little video i edited of me tying up, gagging, and blindfolding Ravyn. We initially wanted to do more with this video but had to cut it short due to some over-tightness in some areas. However, after looking at/ editing all the footage, it ended up being quite a sexy, soft clip. I hope you like it!

Bondage gagged rope

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 10:48

Close-Up Cream-Pie and Cum

A lovely video of some even lovelier couch sex I had with Ravyn Alexa not too long ago. She sucks a mean cock, and rides it even better. And as always, there's no better place to burry a load, than the back of her throat. See for yourself :)

cream-pie blow-job sex oral

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 25:16

Blinded by the Light

Elise straps me to her new medical bondage contraption with an array of leather belts from head to toe. Completely immobilized, and knowing she can do anything to my body now without any chance of my escape, her thoughts run wild. My face is encased in seran-wrap, making it nearly impossible to move my head and/ or breathe. But she also wants to take away my sight, but no blindfold is needed for a mad scientist like Elise. She uses eye speculums to force my eyelids wide. Not able to blink or move my head away, she drops blackout contacts onto my eyeballs, blinding me immediately. What a uniquely erotic and terrifying experience that was. My cock got hard immediately, which only made her want to torture me more. With a plug in my ass, bound and breathless, and now blind, she added a Venus to my cock. Tying it in place so it will stay put. I squirm but to no avail, as eventually the Venus will take your cum whether you want it to or not. It shows no mercy, and it certainly did not for me.

Bondage Femdom blindfolded breath-play

Featuring: Elise Graves, JimmyUSMC

play-button 15:51

Tug O War

Elise Graves puts me in quite the predicament. Head harness, neck corset, arm binder and another corset around my waist. She then ties my balls to a bamboo post between my legs, followed by some rubber hosing around my neck and up to the bamboo above. Thus, creating a constant "Tug-o-War between tugging on my balls, and wanting to breathe. Naturally, she increases the intensity as time goes on, as well as caning my bare ass and thighs as I struggle to no avail.

Bondage breath-play cock/ ball bondage

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 12:29

Sleep-sack Tease and Cum

Exactly how it sounds. Ravyn places me in an incredibly isolating leather hood, then guides me into my deluxe leather sleep sack from Mr.S Leather. My entire body is encased in leather, except for my cock. Rock hard and throbbing at the thought of Ravyn looking down upon my helpless body, wondering what she may do. My balls are locked tight in a leather collar, which she then attaches a leash to. She tugs on it hard, stretching my balls as she strokes my cock. Edging me until i can no longer contain myself. Groaning and moaning, I finally erupt, but she doesn't stop. I thrash as hard as i can but there's no escaping my leather prison, or the grip of Ravyn's oh so capable hands locked around my genitals. She loves to hear me whimper and cry for mercy.

Bondage Leather Sleep-sack

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 19:15

Connective Tissues

With my seemingly endless supply of bandanas, I hog-tie RavynAlexa on an old trunk before face fucking her and making her cum. I discovered I didn't even have to untag her to stick my cock down her throat, which was amazing. I just shoved it aside and buried my load where it belongs.Enjoy! :)

Bondage gagged blindfolded bandanas

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 31:05

Stockholm Syndrome

In this video, Ravyn goes about her day, doing make-up while she listens to her music, not knowing there's an intruder watching her every move. I wait patiently for the perfect moment to strike, bandana mask tied over my face, touching myself at the thought of what i'm about to do with her. As she steps out of the bathroom I quickly wrap a cloth bag over her head and overpower her, shoving her down onto the bed. She screams, but not for long, as I swiftly wrap duct tape around her eyes and mouth. She struggles violently so I chke her, til she slowly fades away. I continue to wrap her face, and chain her limbs to the bed-posts so there's no way she could possibly escape once she wakes back up. I have my way with her body. Touching, caressing, kissing and licking every inch. She wakes up and I decide to chke her some more, before tearing her tights wide open, giving me complete access to her now exposed pussy. Unable to escape, she squirms and moans as she braces for what's about to happen. The rest, you'll just have to watch and see... :)

Bondage gagged blindfolded breath-play

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 40:10

Dommesel in Distress

This time, it was my turn. I've always loved seeing naturally dominate people on the receiving end. Typically the one with others at their mercy, now helplessly bound, gagged and open for the taking. In this video I do exactly that. I put my pro-Dome friend in a gorgeous leather arm-binder, muzzle her, strap her legs together, and tied her head harness to an anal hook I had placed in her ass. Now, with her properly vulnerable, i proceeded to probe her with my fingers, toys, and vibrators. Making her cum time and time again. She screamed in blissful agony, as I overstimulated her pussy, and commanded her to orgasm for me. They don't call me the cum-thief for nothing. :)

Bondage Leather gagged breath-play muzzle

Featuring: Elise Graves, JimmyUSMC

play-button 26:16

Human Sex-Toy

Have you ever wanted to just "give" yourself to someone sexually? When it comes to Elise, be careful what you wish for, because she will get her money's worth. Soon after making sure I could no longer escape, back -out of my agreement, she took every advantage she could with my body. I was merely a sex toy at her disposal. She fucked my face, sat on it, put a hook in my ass, made me fuck her with a dildo gag, and so much more. Go see for yourself, how much fun can be had when you simply let go, and give that decision making power to your captor.

Bondage Femdom Leather gagged feminized

Featuring: Elise Graves, JimmyUSMC

play-button 39:29

"Strait Jack'd"

Elise has me tightly bound to a medical chair and then uses all of her toys to make me cum and overstimulate! This one involves electro play to my cock, mouth play, breath play with seran wrap, some foot t*rture, and a lot of me moaning in pain and pleasure!!

Bondage Femdom hooded gagged blindfolded breath-play

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 25:50

Intimate Restraints (w/ Ravyn Alexa)

Bondage Leather gagged handcuffed breath-play

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 10:04

RTK #3

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 11:29

Anchored: Spread-Eagle

Bondage prisoner jail chains shackled

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 05:29

Steel Stocks

Bondage gagged prisoner jail shackled

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 25:33

RopeTrainKeep #2

Another fun clip with RTK. This time in a bit more challenging predicament. :)

Bondage Leather gagged rope

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 12:06


In this snippet the warden of the jail punishes me by locking my head into a steal helmet and connecting it to my wrists via a hard-pint in the ceiling. This was an incredibly challenging position, especially with the heavy shackles around my ankles as well. I enjoy suffering for guys, and I hope you enjoy watching it. :)

Bondage prisoner jail chains shackled

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 16:36

RopeTraingKeep #1

Heres some fun footage from my time spent with RopeTrainKeep up in Portland awhile back. This was an absolutely wonderful weekend, as you can probably tell.

Bondage Leather gagged rope

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 04:00

Captured and Abandoned in the Basement

One of many small clips from a large video I shot or a few years back. Arguably one of the hottest bondage experiences i've ever had. There's just something so sexy about being anchored to the floor.

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 08:01


Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 05:49

Hogtied in Steel

Another short excerpt from my time with Boy do I love being hogtied, especially with heavy duty steel!

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 08:01

Cell-Wall Lock-Down

Small excerpt from a video shoot I did for Mark Bind's website last year ( This video is one of many from my time at Franklin County Jail (which he owns and operates), though I chopped them up into separate chunks in order to focus on the meat and potatoes. I know bondage is what you came here for, so I hope these deliver. Enjoy!

Bondage jail muzzle chains

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 08:05

Self-Bondage Ice Locks

In this video I demonstrate the use of the self bondage ice locks you've likely seen advertised and sold at many fetish stores. From the prep, setup, and the implication, you see it all. Once they're locked i'm stuck, until they decide to let me free. Generally, melting takes around 3 hours for these, though i used an insulator in order to make them last longer. :)

self-bondage shackled

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 10:15

Self-Bondage Nightmare/ Fantasy

In this video I got the chance to act out a version of one of my favorite bondage fantasies in a real jail setting. I've always had a thing for being found/ stumbled upon while in self bondage, especially when the stakes are high. In this case, a life sentence in prison, one that I inadvertently gave myself. Enjoy!

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 09:12

Serious Bondage Chair-Elise's Place

In this quick video I was fortunate enough to have 2 dreams come true. I met my idol and now friend, Elise Graves and got to be strapped into the greatest bondage chair in existence (at least in my opinion, though i'm sure many would agree. Made by Mark, owner of the Serious Bondage sites). There was no plan to this video, just a snippet of a group of bondage freaks having some fun. Thanks for watching!

Bondage Leather hooded

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 14:06

German Bondage Chair

Testing out Mark's new bondage chair from Germany. Though i'm partial to his original heavy bondage chair, this one is certainly a contender. So much love for the plethora of straps, especially the hood/ head/ muzzle connector. :)

Bondage Leather muzzle

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:21

Damsel in Distress

Dressed up in my favorite outfit: tights, panties, skirt, heels, blouse, hood and collar. As well as a silk scarf, of course. Y’all know me by now. :))

Bondage Leather hooded handcuffed bandanas feminized

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 07:49

Bandana Self Gagging

It's probably quite clear by now that I have a fairly strong bandana fetish, haha. In this clip I gave in to my desires, gagging and blindfolding myself with numerous bandanas, resulting in a very quick cum-shot. What can I say, they have that affect on me. :) Video is in color***

gagged blindfolded bandanas

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 01:38

Torture Puzzle

Testing out the new Steelwerks "Torture Puzzle" with the team during IML weekend. Holy hell is this thing painful. Your cock will betray you by getting hard, then immediately regret it.

Bondage Leather Chastity hooded

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 00:23

Jimmy's First Cock

Another quick video of a good friend of mine taking my butt virginity. :)

Bondage Femdom Leather Chastity pegging

Featuring: JimmyUSMC

play-button 03:23


A fairly low quality video of me inserting a small butt plug. This is how I believe I ought to/ should be at any given time. Chastised, plugged and in panties. Maybe bound and gagged as well though i'm biased. :)

Chastity bandanas panties feminized

Featuring: JimmyUSMC