Spread-Eagle on Bondage Frame

My friend Chole locks me up for the first time on the bed-frame I built. Incredibly helpless feeling to be locked down so securely to something so solid/rigid. The head harness and ball strap anchored as well were the cherry on top ❤️

Number of pictures: 27

Chastity Boy on Display


Number of pictures: 8

First Launch

Finally got my sleep sack set-up all ready to go. I had a friend custom make a leather pad that sits flush with the edge of the frame and it looks oh so good. Especially with my deluxe leather sleep sack from Mr.S locked in place on top. The shear amount go hard points, chain and padlocks involved is beautiful. I spent more money on this setup than I care to admit, but i'd say it was well worth it :)

Number of pictures: 17

Faded Sons

I recently did a photo-shoot with a new friend in the midwest. We shot quite a bit at my apartment, then even some fun shots strapped to a tree in the woods. There will be much more between us going forward! I hope you enjoy :)

Number of pictures: 71

Scarf'd Up #2

Another fun scene with Ravyn where she tied me to a chair with some of my many silk scarves. There was LOTS of breathe play in this scene which felt incredible. Ending with a delightfully soft scarf tied around my cock and balls while she forced to cum. :))

Number of pictures: 18

Tied by Namor

Had a lovely rope session a few months back with my new friend Namor. It was an incredibly wonderful/ beautiful experience. These are some photos taken by Ravyn, documenting our tie together.

Number of pictures: 83


Ravyn decided to do a little photo shoot (as she often does) when I was dressed up in my fishnets. :)

Number of pictures: 18

Scarf'd Up

The first weekend I met Ravyn she used my scarves to tie me to her bedframe and forced me to cum all over myself. She took some lovely photos of the encounter, one of which that is even hanging on her bedroom wall haha. A lovely day this was. The second set is from a scene we shot a few months later when she came to Omaha to see me. This one included a full length video that will be uploaded in the coming weeks. :)

Number of pictures: 15

Hog-Cuffed by Ravyn

Ravyn knows how much I love hog-ties, especially with handcuffs. Naturally, because they make them all the more inescapable. Here she even used a set of ankle cuffs on my upper arms to further solidify the fact that I could never get out on my own. Even with a key, I'm fairly certain she could have enslaved me forever if she really wanted to. I absolutely loved this predicament.

Number of pictures: 10

Sleep-Sack with Ravyn

Exactly how it sounds. Ravyn places me in an incredibly isolating leather hood, then guides me into my deluxe leather sleep sack from Mr.S Leather and forces me to cum for her.

Number of pictures: 18

Neck+Cock Tug-o-War

Elise put me in a lovely predicament in which my neck was roped off above me, and my balls below. So much so that if I wanted relief in either direction, I had to add pressure to the other. So regardless, I had a constant strain on both my neck and balls, one just more so than the other. Depending on how my body was responding at the time, of course. Naturally, I was muzzled as well, and wearing a lovely mesh corset. Legs spread and ankles tied to a bamboo pole. Video coming soon.

Number of pictures: 89

Tied-up at the Lake

A lovely evening spent bound in silk by a lovely new friend. What a day this was.

Number of pictures: 20

Bondage Misc. #4

This album is a huge mix of photos from a few years back with a previous partner. I have been sitting on these for quite some time as I was unsure if I even wanted to share them given the nature of the split between her and I. Anyways, I figured you guys shouldn't miss out. With that being said, I hope you enjoy.

Number of pictures: 45

Steelwerks Trip OCT-2019

A couple photos from my most recent trip to see my friends over at Steelwerks Extreme in Montreal. It's always a pleasure, though this time around was different. I can't go into detail, though I must say it was certainly a time I will not soon forget. Hope you enjoy.

Number of pictures: 32

Photoshoot w/ @matteattack

From a photoshoot I did with a new friend of mine this past winter in Denver (@matteattack on IG). For those of you that don't know him, he is an incredibly talented and accomplished artist. The finished drawing he created is shown at the end of this photoset. Go visit his page if you're interested in his work!

Number of pictures: 8

Overpowered- Padded Cell

In a completely un-scripted scene, a handful of my friends overpower me, thrown me in a strait-jacket, muzzle, hog-tie and throw me in the padded cell at Edge Dungeon. All captured on the in-cell/ infra-red camera.

Number of pictures: 26

Dual Vac-Sac

A 2-person vac-sac experience from a few years back at Mark's place. It's honestly pretty amazing how strong/ restrictive these can be. This one in particular was extra thick, making it even more intense/ escape-proof.

Number of pictures: 19

German Bondage Chair

In this set I get the opportunity to try out Mark's (Serious Bondage) new bondage chair from Germany. Though my favorite will always be Marks original heavy bondage chair, this one is certainly a contender. This chair is absolutely covered in straps, assuring that there will be absolutely no chance of wiggling loose. My favorite being the head strap that locks to the muzzle/ hood in place. :)

Number of pictures: 21

Visiting Troy Orleans

Saw my good friend Troy for some play and a quick photoshoot last weekend and it was an absolutely blast per usual. She definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to heavy bondage. One of the best in the business. Our talented friend @marcuslikesit (on IG) came up with some pretty incredible photos from our time together. Take a look.

Number of pictures: 25

NYC-Damsel in Distress

I have a very strong cross dressing fetish and I got the chance to play around with it a bit more this past weekend while in Chicago. This is something you'll likely be seeing far more of, combined with lots of bondage of course. ;)

Number of pictures: 13

Chicago- Kyle Branden

From a recent trip up to Chicago w/ Kyle Branden.

Number of pictures: 16

Friends in Town

I linked up with some friends of mine that happened to be in Denver for the weekend. I was promptly strapped down, nuts tied, stretched and beaten, breath taken away. Do you think I got a happy ending??

Number of pictures: 13

Misc. Bondage 3

Another collection of random bondage photos from various play scenes in the past few months.

Number of pictures: 15

Ho Shit Pt. 2

Every now and then I throw together a bit of a hodge-podge of what I believe to be sexy photographs taken over the past few weeks. Some bondage related, some not. Hopefully you guys agree. Enjoy :) These will be added to as time goes on.

Number of pictures: 17

Hooded, Tied and Waxed

From a collab with some friends last week. I was frog-tied (futos) and spread-eagle on the bed with a friend of mine suspended overhead, pouring melted wax all over my chest. It was incredibly fun, and we got some great photos in the process!

Number of pictures: 14

IML 2019

Some photos from my time with the Steelwerks team while at IML this year. Enjoy :)

Number of pictures: 20

Just me, being a ho

A compilation of photos of me being weird and feeling sexy. Crossdressing, bandanas, and chastity. A little bit of everything.

Number of pictures: 34


The boys chain me up in the solitary confinement cell at Edge Dungeon. Utilizing an array of turnbuckles and chain, i'm affixed to the point of near complete immobility. In this predicament, and locked away behind not one but two heavy steel doors it appears i'm going nowhere soon, not ever. Escape is absolutely impossible, just how it ought to be.

Number of pictures: 30

Rigid Chair

Once again at Hampton County Jail, locked in to a rigid steel chair in the basement. Further secured by heavy chains bolted to the cement floor.

Number of pictures: 47

24 Hours in Bondage/ Seattle

Photos from a 24 hour scene I did in Seattle a few weeks ago with some friends who wish to remain unnamed. I was in atleast one layer of bondage the entire 24 hours, and spent my nights shackled in a cage. -Still updating this photoset***

Number of pictures: 21

Rope w/ DK

It was an honor to be tied by my new friend dk_blackfish (IG) on my trip to LA last month. I had been a huge fan for quite some time, and it was a pleasure being draped in their ropes.

Number of pictures: 17

Hampton County Jail Cell

Images from my first shoot with and back in 2017. Oh how time flies!

Number of pictures: 45

Spread Eagle at Hampton

From my first ever trip to Hampton County Jail in Iowa, I found myself in on of the more intricate spread eagle predicaments i've ever been in. My pal Bind sure knows how to chain me up good :)

Number of pictures: 37

TapedAndTortured Mummification

I had the honor of playing with my new friend TapedAndTortured at Folsom this past year and this was the result. I've always loved the incredible level of immobility achieved with tape, and this particular scene certainly did not disappoint! :)

Number of pictures: 10

Bandana Fetish

For my fellow bandana/ scarf fetishists out there. :))

Number of pictures: 26

Heavy Duty Leather Hogtie

I got the chance to try out an idea of mine on a very willing subject this past week. Hope you enjoy what i came up with :)

Number of pictures: 16


I got the chance to try out this amazing full body stock set at Elise's and it was incredible. Forever looking forward to another opportunity to exist in that beautiful creation.

Number of pictures: 20

Pole Bound

From a scene at Edge Dungeon last year, where I was strapped to a pole and suspended in the air. I ended up enduring this position for well over an hour before it finally became too much. Good times!

Number of pictures: 37

Cell Bound at Edge Dungeon

SF-Dom doesn't seem to enjoy my smart mouth and shackles me up good to the cell door at Edge Dungeon. It appears my prison sentence is now indefinite.

Number of pictures: 64

Ultimate Bondage Chair

I like many others have admired this chair built by Mark over at Serious Bondage for quite some time. This past year i finally got the opportunity to give it a go. Here are a few photos from that wonderful evening :) A dream come true.

Number of pictures: 24

Shibari #2

A few images from a recent photo shoot with some good friends. :)

Number of pictures: 7

Quality Time with Troy Orleans

A few photos from an amazing weekend spent in NYC with the remarkable Troy Orleans. The first of many :)

Number of pictures: 20

Bondage Misc. #2

Another collection of bondage photos from this past year. Hope you enjoy!

Number of pictures: 28

Bondage Misc.

Various bondage/ kink photos from over the years. I'll be publishing quite a few photosets like this, keep an eye out :)

Number of pictures: 16

Roped and Anal Hook'd

Rendered helpless and at the hands of Elise once again. Gagged, muzzled, hogtied, and with my head hooked to my ass, she delivers a good beating to my oh so vulnerable body. Leaving no stones unturned.

Number of pictures: 32


Me, in chastity. You know the drill. :)

Number of pictures: 32


A collection of shibari photos from over the years. :)

Number of pictures: 12

Pervy Prisoner Hose Down

Horny prisoners locked to the wall and punished for fraternizing on Elise Graves's cell block.

Number of pictures: 10

Suspended Suck

Dual sacks, suspended and sucking cock.

Number of pictures: 18

Electro Leather

Encased in leather and anchored down. Cock, balls and ass electrified. Hooked up to the Venus and left to suffer.

Number of pictures: 24

Sounding with Elise

Laced up in a heavy rubber sleep-sack, hooded and strapped down to the table, Elise takes full control of my body and breathing. My cock being the only exposed part of my body, Elise decides to experiment. Sounding me to a surprise ending. Not to mention some fancy lighting :)

Number of pictures: 21